Do you want to build a super profitable Franchise Business System?

Do you want to earn Royalty from every sale your franchisee makes?

Then this course is for you.

The FRANCHISE BUSINESS MODEL is a proven course for Startups, Existing Business Owners, Established Businesses or any Scalable business to turn their business into a BRAND and scale up exponentially!


Hi, I am Karthik Naidu, your Franchise Business Coach and Founder of WPS EDUCATION PVT LTD. 

I am here to help Business Owners Scale up their business exponentially using the Franchise Business Model. 

I attribute my Success to one thing & that is the day I decided to learn 

How to Build my Own Franchise Eco System! 

Now I'm creating a community of serious people who will work alongside me where I will be guiding them step by step on how they can grow their business exponentially.

Now I want to help 10,000 business owners learn these skills.

If you're an entrepreneur with a successful business or an entrepreneur who has just started, then I welcome you.

I will help you master these skills, and will get you onboard to be a part of a more significant community where similar thought oriented people would exchange, and guide with ideas.

Karthik Naidu, Franchise Business Coach

Original Price Rs 99,995/-